Sports Massage

Unlike the relaxing touch of a Swedish massage, this massage is designed to correct and stabilise muscles after strenuous activity. The pressure of touch is hard but not invasive and ensures manipulation of the muscle tissue to correct any issues or imbalances.

As a trained athlete or amateur professional this type of massage should become part of your regular recovery plan. It’s this kind of recovery process that helps prevent the threat of injury. This type of service has been known to both lengthen and improve the strength of the muscles. Neil can also incorporate some light stretching into this service which will improve flexibility on an ongoing basis. As another welcome side effect of this massage, many clients also experience an increase in their range of motion in limb muscles. During this treatment Neil’s hands will work wonders on your musculoskeletal system and speed recovery from sport. This treatment can also be used by clients who experience regular cramping of the muscles or ongoing soft tissue injuries.

Before selecting this treatment ensure you have consulted with Neil on any
pre-existing conditions or places to apply less pressure. Neil will need to assess your medical history. Although a sports massage is designed to have increased pressure it should never be overly painful. If at any time during your service you experience unwelcome pain, please immediately let Neil know. He can then ease back the force in that particular area and adjust your treatment accordingly.



A final word from Neil on this type of treatment is the recovery procedure. In addition to the normal process of increased water intake for hydration, Neil also recommends taking a warm bath within 12-24 hours of this treatment.

Neil has sound knowledge of sporting injuries and and rehabilitation methods. Please take time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with Neil before selecting this treatment

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Sandra Thompson
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I had the pleasure of meeting Neil when I had a shoulder injury from my work. He found the spot where all my pain was centered and to my relief I could move my shoulder as normal...
Barry Moyle
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I meet Neil through me playing football and getting an injury to my lower back after landing hard on the ground. Took a couple of visits to see Neil, to cure me and get me back on the field.
Jenny Stocker
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Hi for many years I have had Calf, ankle and problems with my feet. A good friend of mine, made a recommendation of Neil to me. After several visits I can walk with a lot more ease ….
J Hancock
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Neil has been a friend of mine for a while and when he heard I had some mobility problems he offered a course of leg massages that helped me get about with less restriction.
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I have found Light and Beyond Massage to be very friendly indeed. Kate has a very good technique. I have been to her twice with great success. I personally recommend Kate and her service.
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Have to say its the best massage I've had. It was invigorating and relaxing. I came with a kink in my neck from sleeping wrong and by the end it felt so much better. Soothing and relieved all tension in my muscles. Very friendly lady, professional but relaxed service also. Will definitely recommend Kate to my friends and work colleagues.
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Kate made me feel very relaxed during the massage. I went to Kate to release all tension in my body and certainly walked out feeling like I was floating. Would go back in a heart beat.
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As a nurse I use my shoulders and neck a lot. Having a massage from Kate I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Kate is very professional in attitude and has amazing aura . During massage Kate enquired about the pressure and if it was OK so she is professional in all areas. I went away feeling so relaxed and stress free. My shoulders felt like a million dollars and neck was definitely stress free. I highly recommend Kate for a massage.
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I walked in after a weekend of sport and the body was rather sore. After my massage with Kate I left feeling 100% better and with a lot more movement. Kate was amazing and really professional. Would highly recommend her.
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A truly relaxing and amazing experience. Kate made me feel very comfortable and I walked out feeling very satisfied and with no tension in my back. Highly recommend Kate, truly one of the best massages I have ever had.
Ralph Danials
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I’ve been restricted since a rear end car accident, the pain was unbearable, and pain relief was a temporary solution. Massage helped to relieve pain so that the rehabilitation could and did achieve its goal.